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When Dr. Dodd assumed the role of Lead Pastor at New Community Church, the transition was turbulent and painful—so painful that he endured lasting trauma because of it. Half memoir, half self-help book, The Trauma in Transition provides a firsthand account of how one pastor navigated past the pain of misunderstanding and rose above adversity. With thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter, this manual is a valuable resource for leaders from all walks of life experiencing the changing of the seasons.


Book Quote

"Reading The Trauma in Transition reminded me of my own bruising in pastoral ministry, and that we all have a choice to make as leaders who have experienced trauma. We can either use the trauma to make us better, or we can become bitter. I can attest that my friend Dr. Dodd has become better!"


— Rev. Bryan Moak, Vice President of Church Strengthening,
Converge MidAmerica

The Trauma In Transition: Ebook

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