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Book Summary 

When Dr. Dodd became a dad, he had no idea what it would take to raise not one, not two, but three daughters. A Guide to Being a Girl Dad is the how-to manual he wished had back then, now extended to other fathers of young women. Brimming with passages from the Bible, insightful quotes, and his own hard-earned wisdom, this guide on fathering young women encourages dads to find their power by loving, listening, and learning. Its pages contain more than just a father’s perspective—this book is complete with personal anecdotes told by Dr. Dodd's very own daughters! With thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter, A Guide to Being a Girl Dad is a valuable resource for every Girl Dad who has pledged himself to his daughter’s future.



Dr. Dodd has once again delivered an outstanding book. As a proud girl dad, this book brings me immense joy and provides practical suggestions for all girl dads. #GirlDadPower"


Rev Dr James Brooks

CEO of Lawndale Christian Health Center and Senior Pastor Harmony Community church


A Guide to Being A Girl Dad

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